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Body Oath came about out of a deep love  for what yoga can offer in this sometimes very overwhelming and busy world we are all navigating.

No matter your age, gender, size or physical condition, Body Oath is for every BODY.

Body Oath offers classes for beginners, as well as men's classes in a private and relaxed setting. Read on to find out how these classes can benefit you.


A Body Oath Class

Designed For You

You will be taught how easy it is to modify things to your physical ability and in the process learn to love your body for what it can do, not what it can't.

Gentle Yoga

This class focusses on relaxing your mind and easing your body into a range of gentle movements that encourage rest and repair.

With our minds and bodies always on the go, spend an hour focusing on you.

This women's class, is for every body, regardless of your experience. You will be guided at your own pace through a series of  gentle movements.

5.30pm and 6.45pm Thursdays
LissFit Women's Gym, Clarkson WA


About Ellen

Yoga has been a part of my life for over ten years. It helps me to navigate through life, and calms my mind.


Through practising yoga, I've learnt more about myself, turning inwards and discovering ways to stay grounded.


"You don't practise yoga to get better at yoga, you practise yoga to get better at life."

Im really excited about sharing my knowledge of yoga as well as creating a space for you to check-in with yourself, connect with your body and cultivate rest and relaxation.

Let’s Connect

Clarkson WA 6030, Australia


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Men's Yoga

If you are one of the gents in our community who has always been intrigued to see what all the yoga fuss is about or you would like to spend some time lengthening and stretching all of your tight and tired muscles, then please feel free to come along and try this class.

The class is tailored to the participants which means you don't have to worry if your body doesn't allow you to sit cross-legged or you can't touch your toes! Different options will be provided for you to find what works best for you and your body.

9am Sundays
Art en Soul Wellness Centre, Clarkson WA